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Welcome to Warren Beatty (aka Pro) site! This white, brunette actor was born on March 30, 1937 in Richmond, Virginia. His nationality is American. His real name is Henry Warren Beatty. Warren is 6'1" tall. Warren Beatty's star sign is Aries. He also works as a director, a producer and a writer. He started his career as Clyde Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde (1967). Warren Beatty's latest movies are "Town Country" (2001) where he played Porter , "Bulworth" (1998) where he played Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth and "Love Affair" (1994) where he played Mike Gambril. I'm looking forward to see Warren Beatty nude scenes in future movies. He is married with Annette Bening. He was related with Madonna (singer; dated late '80s), Isabelle Adjani (actress), Diane Keaton (actress; dated early '80s), Julie Christie (actress; together in the '70s), Natalie Wood (actress; together in the '60s), Joan Collins (actress; together late '50s). Warren Beatty's mother is Kathlyn Beaty (teacher; died in 1994). His father is Ira O Beaty (professor of psychology; died in 1987). His children are Ella Corinne Beatty, Isabel Ira Ashley Beatty, Kathlyn Elizabeth Bening Beatty, Ben Beatty. His sister's name is Shirley MacLaine (aka Shirley Beaty; actress; born on April 24, 1934).


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Town Country2001 Porter
Bulworth1998 Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth
Love Affair1994 Mike Gambril
Bugsy1991 Bugsy Siegel
Dick Tracy1990 Dick Tracy
Ishtar1987 Lyle Rogers
Reds1981 John Reed
Heaven Can Wait1978 Joe Pendleton
The Fortune1975 Nicky Wilson
Shampoo1975 George Roundy
The Parallax View1974 Joseph Frady
$1971 Joe Collins
McCabe Mrs. Miller1971 John McCabe
The Only Game in Town1970 Joe Grady
Bonnie and Clyde1967 Clyde Barrow
Kaleidoscope1966 Barney Lincoln
Promise Her Anything1965 Harley Rummell
Mickey One1965 Mickey
Lilith1964 Vincent Bruce
All Fall Down1962 Berry-Berry Willart
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone1961 Paolo di Leo
Splendor in the Grass1961 Bud Stamper
Alcoa Presents: One Step Beyond1960 Harry Grayson
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis1960 Milton Armitage
Playhouse 901959
Look Up and Live1959 Boy
Suspicion1957 Boy
Studio One1957 First Card Player
Kraft Television Theatre1957
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