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Welcome to Robin Williams site! This white, brunette actor was born on July 21, 1952 in Chacago, Illinois, USA. His nationality is American. His real name is Robin McLaurim Williams. Robin is 5'8" tall. Robin Williams's star sign is Cancer. He also works as a director, a writer, a comedian and a producer. He started his career as Mork in the ABC series Mork and Mindy. Robin Williams's latest movies are "August Rush" (2007) where he played Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace , "License to Wed" (2007) where he played Reverend Frank and "Night at the Museum" (2006) where he played Teddy Roosevelt. I'm looking forward to see Robin Williams nude scenes in future movies. He is married with Marsha Garces Williams , Valerie Velardi. He was related with Michelle Tish Carter, Marsha Garces Williams, Valerie Velardi. Robin Williams's mother is Laurie Williams (born September 1922). His father is Robert Williams (car salesman, auto-industry executive; born 1901; died 1987). His children are Zelda, Zachary, Cody Alan.


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August Rush2007 Maxwell 'Wizard' Wallace
License to Wed2007 Reverend Frank
Night at the Museum2006 Teddy Roosevelt
Happy Feet2006 Ramon Lovelace
Man of the Year2006 Tom Dobbs
Everyone's Hero2006 Napoleon Cross
RV2006 Bob Munro
The Night Listener2006 Gabriel Noone
The Big White2005 Paul Barnell
Robots2005 Fender
Noel2004 Charlie Boyd The Priest
House of D2004 Pappass
The Final Cut2004 Alan W. Hakman
Life with Bonnie2003 Kevin Powalski
Freedom: A History of Us2003 Gen. Ulysses S. Grant
Insomnia2002 Walter Finch
Death to Smoochy2002 Rainbow Randolph
One Hour Photo2002 Sy Parrish
Artificial Intelligence: AI2001 Dr. Know
Bicentennial Man1999 Andrew
Jakob the Liar1999 Jakob
L.A. Doctors1999 Hugo Kingsley
Patch Adams1998 Hunter 'Patch' Adams
What Dreams May Come1998 Chris Nielsen
Good Will Hunting1997 Sean Maguire
Flubber1997 Professor Philip Brainard
Deconstructing Harry1997 Mel Harry's Character
Fathers' Day1997 Dale Putley
Friends1997 Thomas
Great Minds Think for Themselves1997 The Genie
Hamlet1996 Osric
The Secret Agent1996 The Professor
Jack1996 Jack Charles Powell
The Birdcage1996 Armand Goldman
Jumanji1995 Alan Parrish
Aladdin on Ice1995 Genie
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar1995 John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
Nine Months1995 Dr. Kosevich
Aladdin and the King of Thieves1995 Genie
In Search of Dr. Seuss1994 The Father
Homicide: Life on the Street1994 Robert Ellison
Mrs. Doubtfire1993 Daniel Hillard Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire
Being Human1993 Hector
Toys1992 Leslie Zevo
Aladdin1992 Genie
From Time to Time1992 Timekeeper
FernGully: The Last Rainforest1992 Batty Koda
Hook1991 Peter Banning
The Fisher King1991 Parry
Shakes the Clown1991 Mime Class Instructor
Dead Again1991 Doctor Cozy Carlisle
Rabbit Ears: The Fool and the Flying Ship1991 Narrator
A Wish for Wings That Work1991 The Kiwi
Awakenings1990 Dr. Malcolm Sayer
Cadillac Man1990 Joey O'Brien
An Evening with...1990
Dead Poets Society1989 John Keating
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen1988 King of the Moon
Rabbit Ears: Pecos Bill1988 Narrator
Portrait of a White Marriage1988 Air Conditioning Salesman
Good Morning, Vietnam1987 Adrian Cronauer
Jonathan Winters: On the Ledge1987 Various Characters
Seize the Day1986 Tommy Wilhelm
Club Paradise1986 Jack Moniker
The Best of Times1986 Jack Dundee
Pryor's Place1984 Gabby
Moscow on the Hudson1984 Vladimir Ivanoff
The Survivors1983 Donald Quinelle
SCTV Network 901982 Various
Mork Mindy/Laverne Shirley/Fonz Hour1982 Mork
Faerie Tale Theatre1982 Prince Robin
The World According to Garp1982 T. S. Garp
Mork Mindy1982 Mork
The Billy Crystal Comedy Hour1982
Popeye1980 Popeye
Andy Kaufman Plays Carnegie Hall1980 Andy's Grandmother
Out of the Blue1979 Mork
Happy Days1979 Mork
America 2-Night1978 Jason Shine
Eight Is Enough1977

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