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Welcome to Lance Henriksen site! This white, brunette actor was born on May 5, 1940 in New York, New York. Lance is 5'10" tall. Lance Henriksen's star sign is Taurus. Lance Henriksen's latest movies are "Punctured" (2008) where he played Vladimir , "For the Love of Jade" (2008) where he played Milton and "Necessary Evil" (2008) where he played Dr. Fibrian. I'm looking forward to see Lance Henriksen nude scenes in future movies.


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Punctured2008 Vladimir
For the Love of Jade2008 Milton
Necessary Evil2008 Dr. Fibrian
Ladies of the House2008 Frank
Alone in the Dark II2008 Abner Lundbert
Appaloosa2008 Ring Shelton
Dark Reel2008 Connor Pritchett
Dying God2008 Chance
Transformers: Animated2008 Lockdown
Deadwater2008 Captain John Willets
D.E.A.2008 Narrator
Prairie Fever2008 James Monte
The Seamstress2008 Sheriff Virgil Logan
The Lost Tribe2008 Gallo
Pistol Whipped2008 The Old Man
The Slammin' Salmon2008
The Chosen One2007 Cardinal Fred
Caminhos do Corao2007 Dr. Walker
In the Spider's Web2007 Dr. Lecorpus
My Cousin's Keeper2007 Finster
Bone Dry2007 Jimmy
Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud2007 Ed Harley
Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes2006 Ed Harley
Pirates of Treasure Island2006 Long John Silver
Superman: Brainiac Attacks2006 Brainiac
The Da Vinci Treasure2006 Dr. John Coven
Sasquatch Mountain2006 Chase Jackson
Abominable2006 Ziegler Dane
The Garden2006 Ben Zachary
When a Stranger Calls2006 Stranger
House at the End of the Drive2006 Skip Johansen
IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix2005 Andrei Rubley
Hellraiser: Hellworld2005 The Host
Supernova2005 Colonel Harlan Williams
A Message from Fallujah2005 Daniel Crane
Tarzan II2005 Kerchak
Into the West2005 Daniel Wheeler
Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!2005 Mobius Quint
Starkweather2004 The Mentor
Keep Right2004
AVP: Alien vs. Predator2004 Charles Bishop Weyland
Evel Knievel2004 'Awful' Knoffel
Madhouse2004 Dr. Franks
Modigliani2004 Foster Kane
Out for Blood2004 Captain John Billings
One Point O2004 Howard
Dream Warrior2003 Parish
Rapid Exchange2003 Newcastle
Mimic: Sentinel2003 Garbageman
The Invitation2003 Roland Levy
The Last Cowboy2003 John William Cooper
Antibody2002 Dr. Richard Gaynes
The Untold2002 Harlan Knowles
Unspeakable2002 Jack Pitchford
The Legend of Tarzan2001 Kerchack
Lost Voyage2001 David Shaw
Demons on Canvas2001 John Soltys
The Mangler 22001 Headmaster Bradeen
Scream 32000 John Milton
The X Files1999 Frank Black
Harsh Realm1999 General
Tarzan1999 Kerchak, the Gorilla King
Millennium1999 Frank Black
The Day Lincoln Was Shot1998 President Abraham Lincoln
No Contest II1997 Eric Dane Erich Dengler
Profile for Murder1996 Adrian Cross
Dusting Cliff 71996 Colonel Roger McBride
The Nature of the Beast1995 Jack Powell
The Outpost1995 Stockton
Powder1995 Sheriff Doug Barnum
Dead Man1995 Cole Wilson
Aurora: Operation Intercept1995 William Stenghel
The Quick and the Dead1995 Ace Hanlon
Spitfire1995 Richard Charles
Baja1995 Burns
Gunfighter's Moon1995 Frank Morgan
Felony1994 Taft
Color of Night1994 Buck
Boulevard1994 McClaren
No Escape1994 The Father
Knights1993 Job
Man's Best Friend1993 Dr. Jarret
The Criminal Mind1993 Agent Winslow
Hard Target1993 Emil Fouchon
The Outfit1993 Dutch Schultz
Super Mario Bros.1993 The King
Excessive Force1993 Devlin
Delta Heat1992 Jackson Rivers
Jennifer Eight1992 Sgt. Freddy Ross
Alien1992 Bishop II
Two-Fisted Tales1992 Ripper
Tales from the Crypt1991 Reno Crevice
Comrades in Arms1991 Rob Reed
Reason for Living: The Jill Ireland Story1991 Charles Bronson
Stone Cold1991 Chains Cooper
The Pit and the Pendulum1991 Torquemada
The Last Samurai1990 Johnny Congo
Beauty and the Beast1989 Snow
Johnny Handsome1989 Rafe Garrett
Survival Quest1989 Hank
The Horror Show1989 Detective Lucas McCarthy
Hit List1989 Chris Caleek
Pumpkinhead1988 Ed Harley
Deadly Intent1988 Raymond
Near Dark1987 Jesse Hooker
Aliens1986 Bishop
Choke Canyon1986 Brook Alastair
Savage Dawn1985 Stryker
Streets of Justice1985 Dist. Atty. Jerry Logan
Jagged Edge1985 Frank Martin
Hardcastle and McCormick1984 Deseau
The Terminator1984 Detective Hal Vukovich
Cagney Lacey1984 Johnny 'Nose'
Scene of the Crime1984
Legmen1984 Finch
Riptide1984 John McMasters
The A-Team1984 Mack Dalton
The Right Stuff1983 Wally Schirra
Nightmares1983 MacLeod
Blood Feud1983 Mel Pierce
A Question of Honor1982 Wiley
Piranha Part Two: The Spawning1981 Police Chief Steve Kimbrough
Prince of the City1981 D.A. Burano
The Dark End of the Street1981 Jimmy
Ryan's Hope1980 Preston Post
B.A.D. Cats1980 Timothy
The Visitor1979 Raymond Armstead
Damien: Omen II1978 Sergeant Neff
Close Encounters of the Third Kind1977 Robert
Network1976 Network lawyer at Khan's place
The Next Man1976 Federal Security
Mansion of the Doomed1976 Dr. Dan Bryan
Return to Earth1976
Dog Day Afternoon1975 Murphy
To Kill the King1974 Hank Adams
Emperor of the North Pole1973 Railroad worker
It Ain't Easy1972 Randy
The Outsider1961 Extra

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